The 5 Trends Brides Can’t Get Enough Of For 2019

Every bride wants her makeup to be perfect for her big day, but it can be difficult to keep on top of bridal trends to make sure your makeup is on point. You may hear a range of different and sometimes even contradictory tips and even if you do finally get your head around it, how do you know if these “trends” will still be trendy by the time your wedding day actually comes around? 

Thankfully, makeup expert Natalie Hehir from Makeup by Nat is here to give you the trends for 2019 that brides can’t get enough of.

  Top Trends

Make up by Nats Bridal Blog Berry Lips

Berry Lips

Bye bye nude! 2019 is all about making bold statements with berry coloured lips. Celebs can’t get enough of the pretty but striking confidence that berry lips radiate. It’s the perfect colour to add a feminine palette to your makeup. Finish berry lips with more subtle blusher in pastel colours for the perfect combination.

Make up by Nats Bridal Blog dewy highlighter

Dewy Highlight

Ever wondered how celebrities get that beautiful and healthy glisten, without ever breaking into a sweat? Dewy highlights give you the catwalk glow while you walk down the aisle. Make sure you use creams rather powder to highlight and give a natural glow.

Make up by Nats Bridal Blog full lashes

Full Lashes

Let’s be honest, you may not get a lot of beauty sleep the night before your wedding day. All the planning, drinking, nerves - and even some tears - can result in a tired bride. Fluffy strip lashes can give picture-perfect brides the ideal frame for the eyes and draw attention away from any bags under the eye area. Quality is important here to give a high-end appearance.

Make up by Nats Bridal Blog pink eyeshadow

Pink and Mauve Eyeshadow

One of the biggest trends at Liverpool Fashion week were pink and mauve eyeshadow. These shades have recently been making an appearance in bridal makeup and are the industry’s must have for 2019! For best results, apply a neutral base coat, then use a shade of mauve in the crease. To complete the look, use a highlighter just above the crease and in the inner corner of the eyes to apply the pink shades.


How To Get The Perfect Look

So now you know the trends. What next? Here are Nat’s top techniques on how to achieve perfect the look.

  1. Eyes first. Beginning with eye makeup first makes it easier to clean up any fallout before applying your base.

  2. Prime your skin. Perfect makeup looks best on good skin, so it’s vital to prepare the skin beforehand. I recommend beginning as soon as possible to make sure your skin is healthy and glowing for the big day.

  3. Good lighting is paramount. Many hotels have poor lighting which makes it harder to get the makeup just right. Check the room beforehand and use a ring light where possible.

  4. Best for last. The bride’s makeup should be applied after the bridal party to ensure it’s fresh and perfect. A good makeup artist should always allow plenty of time for the bride and then touch ups on the bridal party if necessary.

Make up by Nats blog

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About Makeup by Nat

Makeup by Nat is North West’s leading makeup expert, specialising in bridal and special occasions. Nat is a freelance makeup artist with over 12 years of experience with MAC and Charlotte Tilbury. Contact Nat now:

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The 7 Bridal Hair Mistakes To Avoid for 2019

Wedding Hairstyles You Need For 2019 pinned by Jenny blog

The 7 Bridal Hair Mistakes To Avoid for 2019

It’s every bride’s worst nightmare. The big day comes along, your dress is perfect, the guests are here, everything is going smoothly, but your hair just isn’t quite right.

Bridal hairstylist Jenny Dold from Pinned By Jenny is here to share the 7 most common bridal hair mistakes to avoid!

Not Doing A Hair Trial

A trial is a must-have to make sure we choose the right style for you and your bridesmaids. This also allows the morning to run as smoothly as possible.

Not Consulting The Weather

What’s the weather going to be like? Some styles can depend on the weather. For example if it’s raining and windy I would recommend to go for an updo instead of the hair being down. This will stay in all day and you won’t need to worry about the weather. 

Not Considering The Dress

It seems so obvious, but it’s so common for brides-to-be to choose a hairstyle without thinking about complimenting the dress. For example a vintage style dress might suit classic Hollywood waves finished of with a headband.

Forgetting Accessories

As a hairstylist I always recommend hair accessories for the bride, bridesmaid and flower girls. This is a great way to get that extra special look for your big day and finishes of the look perfectly. Fresh flowers give a lovely finish, you can ask your florist to prepare them for on the day. 

Not Knowing Your Hair Type

If you have short or fine hair or just want a fuller look, hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume. Your hairstylist can help you choose the best look for your hair type if you’re unsure.

Not Preparing

I recommend my clients to have a fresh colour a week before your wedding day to allow the colour to settle nicely. Depending on the style and your hair type I always recommend to wash your hair the day before. A professional blow dry the day before is a great way to to get that extra shine for the perfect finish. 

Not Getting Inspiration

Don’t underestimate the power of inspiration. Consult Pinterest, Instagram and bridal magazines to help get a better idea of the look you want to create. Giving examples to your hairstylist can help to achieve the style you want.

Pinned by Jenny

Pinned by Jenny

About Pinned by Jenny

Pinned by Jenny is North West’s leading freelance hairdresser. Jenny specialises in wedding and event hair. Contact Jenny now:


Phone: 07850662610


Get The Look: The perfect Natural Bride look for 2019!

2018 has been a year of beautiful weddings! We've seen some of the biggest celebrities tie the knot this year, including Hugh Grant and Anna Elisabet Eberstein, Michelle Williams and Phil Elverum and Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef. With 2019 around the corner, Makeup Expert Natalie Hehir from Makeup by Nat is here to share her bridal crush of the year and share her secrets to perfecting the look for your 2019 wedding!


Make up by Nats Make up Blog

Nat’s Bridal Crush 2018

It’s probably no surprise to hear that my bridal crush of 2018 has to be Meghan Markle, who stunned the world with her natural beauty for the Royal Wedding. Every detail of the wedding was perfect, from the dress to her bouquet but the internet went crazy over her flawless makeup. The makeup artist Daniel Martin achieved the perfect Natural Bride look, which even highlighted her freckles, causing searches for “freckle-friendly makeup” to shoot up on Pinterest in the wake of the royal wedding!

Mike Egerton - PA Wire

Mike Egerton - PA Wire

Make up by Nats blog

 Makeup Advice for the Natural Bride 

If you’re like me and you just love the Natural Bridal look, here are my top tips to getting the perfect makeup transformation:

  • Choose a makeup artist that can create a variety of looks and not just the typical “bridal look“. As every bride is different, a makeup artist with a varied style can help to give you the best look for your face.

  • Bridal makeup doesn’t have to be heavy, a good artist can create a “barely there” look and make you feel naturally beautiful. Remember you want to look like yourself on your big day, just an even more beautiful version!

  • Have your trial as close to your wedding day as possible to make sure lighting and skin are as similar as possible to get the best match.

Make up by Nats blog

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Courtesy of Makeup by Nat’s, all brides get 20% off their makeup trials. Just mention Red Events when booking with Nat to get your discount.

About Makeup by Nat

Makeup by Nat is North West’s leading makeup expert, specialising in bridal and special occasions. Nat is a freelance makeup artist with over 12 years of experience with MAC and Charlotte Tilbury. Contact Nat now:

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Is your skin wedding ready? We chatted to NuYu Clinic about what they can offer you to prepare your skin for your wedding day!

Is your skin wedding ready? We chatted to NuYu Clinic about what they can offer you to prepare your skin for your wedding day!

Your wedding is advertised as the happiest day of your life, but usually what precedes it can be one of the most stressful times of your life and this can wreak havoc on your skin. Your skin can be one of the biggest indicators that something isn’t right; from those hormonal breakouts, to stress, poor diet or too many beers/wines at the weekend leaving your skin grey, sallow and dehydrated. And it does not differentiate – both men and women, young and the more mature can suffer with skin concerns and want the same outcomes – to look and feel the best they can be.

Did you know, your skin is the biggest organ of your body? Yet doesn’t receive the same recognition or awareness of the necessity to look after it. In general life, and especially in the run up to your wedding, we all invest time, effort and money into our hair, clothing, fitness, even dance lessons, in anticipation of the big day! But one crucial thing that is overlooked is our skin.  It is so important to invest in your skin, as it is going to represent you for a long time, and it should certainly represent you on your wedding day.

A look at team NUYU’s treatment area.. where the magic happens!

A look at team NUYU’s treatment area.. where the magic happens!

Your wedding day will be one of the most photographed days of your life, and although photo albums are becoming a thing of the past, it will still be that album that you pull out in years to come, so it’s essential that your skin works with you not against you and reflects those truly magical moments, it should shine (in the good way) just like your day does. Healthy skin is crucial to enhance your natural beauty and is a perfect canvas for your makeup!

The aesthetics and skin health industry is booming, and quite rightly so, but it can be an absolute minefield and you can often feel that people are just pushing you down the route of what they offer, not necessarily what’s right for you. This is why it’s important that your practitioner, for whichever clinic you choose, has a good knowledge of both skin and facial anatomy, understands the science behind why your skin is behaving like it does and offers you corrective not just cosmetic skincare.

Team NUYU only work with brands that we believe in, that we use ourselves and that we know, most importantly will deliver what our clients want and need. We are pleased to be AlumierMD representatives, a luxury medical grade, results orientated skincare brand that delivers a range of both professional and prescription only home use products that provides real clinical outcomes for clients. Each product has actual therapeutic doses of products to target your skins structure and function, this is what makes it so different! Most skincare/cosmeceuticals will not affect the skins structure or function therefore it never really helps your malfunctioning skin reach its optimum level of healthy functioning.

NuYu Clinic

 Many people suffer with various skin conditions, such as acne, dryness, oily, sensitive, rosacea and hyperpigmentation and many people will fall into various categories regarding this – those that have tried everything at vast expense with no real results and have given up or those that think they are stuck with whatever their complaint is and have lost all hope before even beginning. We truly believe and know that all hope is not lost – you just need to speak to the right professional! 

Action shot! Our lovely client receiving an AlumierMD medical peel.

Action shot! Our lovely client receiving an AlumierMD medical peel.

Anti-ageing is a strange term as it is stigmatised as something we are not allowed to do. Ageing is a natural and inevitable process so should be something to embrace, but there are things that you can do to age well.

With targeted treatments to keep your skin working at its optimum, we can aide cell turnover so our collagen and elastin - the building blocks of our youthful skin - continues to work hard for us to maintain suppleness, reduce lines and wrinkles forming and prevent muscle and fat pad wastage that changes the structure of our face. Glowing, healthy and plump skin doesn’t have to be just for the young.

consultation area – vitally important to allow you and your practitioner to have the same goals!

consultation area – vitally important to allow you and your practitioner to have the same goals!

Taking care of yourself, taking care of your skin, isn’t just for women. It’s for men too; even those stereotypical alpha males take pride in their appearance and should consider the benefits of some skin therapy. Sweat, facial hair and pollution contribute to the skin having to work hard to protect and defend. Doesn’t it make sense that the skin needs protecting and defending too.

 We advocate having a professional consultation to help you find the right products, alongside the right professional treatment. We can help create individualised packages such as the ever popular dermaplaning or microdermabrasion, or deeper therapies such as microneedling, medical masks, chemical peels. Even injectable treatments such as toxins and dermal fillers have their place when administered by a fully-qualified medical practitioner. They are all effective in doing what they are aimed for, as stand-alone treatments and can produce outstanding and significant results when booked as a course or as part of a bespoke package. But, what is most important is that any of these methods should  help you to look like a better version of yourself.  

 You shouldn’t walk into that clinic looking like you and leave looking like everyone else, what you should do is walk out having started your journey and with more of an understanding of what is going on and how with professional and the right home care products you can achieve your skin goals.  

Lastly, and most importantly, never forget… feeling confident, being comfortable in your own skin – that’s what really makes you beautiful.

Want further information about how to get your skin wedding ready then contact NUYU’s Clinic directly via email: or call - 07873 850 749 or visit their facebook page here.

Looking for that Perfect Wedding Invitation? Read up about Cards by Samantha's top tips for wedding invitation trends in 2019!

Looking for that Perfect Wedding Invitation?

If you have started the journey to finding your perfect wedding invitation, you will know the choice is endless. Style? Colour? Pocket fold? Printed? Handmade? If you’re looking for some inspiration or just a place to start, why not begin by having a look at the top tips for invitation trends in 2019? Here is Cards by Samantha’s top tips when choosing the perfect wedding invitation!

Green in nature inspired wedding invitation


Inspired by the 2018 Royal Wedding, which was full of beautiful green and white shades, this colour is tipped to be big in 2019. It is such a versatile colour and as it is found in nature in abundance, it can also be teamed with lots of different trends, which are also going to be popular – rustic wood, flowers and leaves, sparkle, various shades of metallics. Green also goes well with the ever-popular blush colour.

Purple Inspired wedding Invitation!


Very popular a few years ago, this colour is making a comeback! From the rich and exotic deep purple, through magentas, lilacs and mauves, all shades look beautiful on wedding stationery. Colour can be included in a number of ways – ribbons, dried lavender flowers (which also give the recipient of your invitation an amazing aroma!) or a simple mauve mount – purple always add a touch of luxury.

Navy Inspired Wedding Invitations

Navy :

Navy is the new black! Navy is stunning – teamed with blush, golds, silver or paler blues. It is very versatile and warmer than black, but still as dramatic. Bridesmaid dresses also look fabulous in this colour and it suits most skin-tones.

Metallic Inspired Wedding Invitation


Metallics are not just gold or silver! Metallics are set to be everywhere and they are so easy to incorporate into your venue and table decorations. Why not combine two coloured metallics – silver AND gold go well together. Also think about copper (which has been a big home decor trend in 2018) and rose gold – which has also been popular this year. Metallics look lovely teamed with blush, clean white and navy and lend themselves to the geometric paper trend in invitations.

Pink & Floral inspired Wedding Invites

Floral and Nature:

Floral and Nature whether choosing printed florals or paper flowers and leaves to decorate your invitations, flowers are usually a big part of any wedding day and it starts with your invitation. The trend for garland decorated invitations also incorporates the floral theme, as does the green colour trend. I like using florals as the elements can be taken and used to great effect on all your co-ordinating day stationery.

I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration! For more inspiration on your perfect wedding invitation visit, visit my Facebook page or visit me in person either from my small garden studio in Cheshire or at the Formby Hall Wedding Show on Sunday 21st October, where all my range can be viewed and your ideas can be brought to life!