The Hottest Trends in Wedding Entertainment

From fire breathers to magicians and living statues, there are more wedding entertainment options than ever!

Couples are constantly searching for new ways to entertain their wedding guests and create the perfect memories of their big day.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular wedding entertainment ideas of 2019, to give you some inspiration for your big day. Something missing from our list? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook post here!


Keeping guests entertained between breaks is essential. Magicians have been entertaining at weddings for hundreds of years and they’re still just as popular now. Magic tricks are perfect for during the reception, waiting for photos to be taken and entertaining guests throughout the entire day.

The Red Events team recommends Kevin Jay Magician, a talented magician that incorporates comedy and even hypnotism into his magic tricks. Card tricks, disappearing acts and sleight-of-hand wonders never fail to entertain wedding guests and add an extra bit of magic to the day.


Classical Music

For those looking to add a classical touch to their big day, classical music will never fail to hit the right note with guests. Stunning string quartets, like the Serenata String Quartet, and heartwarming harpists, like Maxine Moline-Rose and the Melandra Duo, are popular choices for elegant wedding entertainment.

Those wanting to make sure the soundtrack to their wedding day will never sound out of style opt for classical music–and it’s not just Pachelbel's Cannon being played. We see many couples that request their favourite contemporary song to be delivered by classical guitarists, like the incredibly talented Mat Lomas, to add a personalised touch to their ceremony.

Hire Acts and Fire breathers

Simply perfect for outdoor, tipi or garden style weddings, the choice here will definitely turn the heat up at your wedding!! Think outside the box!  Unique selections include roller skaters/living tables/red carpet ladies/living statues/dancers/hosts and hostesses/stilt walkers/circus acts! What ! I’m exhausted !

The Hottest Trends in Wedding Entertainment, Fire Acts


Not only something fun for your guests it is a momentum of your wedding day that your guests can keep and remember forever. Great for between proceeding’s  or during wedding photographs!

Casino Table

A perfect ice breaker to keep guests mingling and entertained is a casino table, like Sapphire Occasions, with full-sized casino tables and professional croupiers.

Glitter Bar

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen this year is the popularity of makeup, glitter & tattoo bars, like Coco Vintage, where brides and guests can get glittered up for evening celebrations.

The Hottest Trends in Wedding Entertainment, Glitter Bar


Animals are becoming very popular additions to wedding ceremonies again. Animal lovers across England cannot resist including their pet dog, cat (and even horses!) in their celebrations, with some even bringing their animals down the aisle with them!

Dog owners are spending hours training their canine friends to be the official ring bearer of their wedding. Even cat-loving guests can’t help but delight in adorable dogs playing such an important role in the ceremonies.

For those without pets, you can even hire animals for your wedding day. Jessie’s Miniature Shetland horses are extremely popular with kids and adults alike and make for the most beautiful wedding photos.

The Hottest Trends in Wedding Entertainment Animals

Outdoor games

While we can’t always guarantee good weather–even in the great British summer–outdoor games are becoming very popular ways to create memorable experiences on the big day.

Wedding guests are going crazy for giant snakes and ladders, croquet, horse shoe throw, giant Jenga and even tug-of-war games enjoyed outside. Events Hire companies like Glamour Events Hire even specialise in Lawn Games to help create the perfect outdoor entertainment on wedding days.

If the rain comes falling on the day, many games can easily be played indoors to get guests of all ages mingling and having fun. Retro Arcade games such as Pakman, Donkey Kong and Pinpong can all be enjoyed indoors. If all else fails, add some sparkle to your big day with a firework show that guests can enjoy from inside or outside.

Live bands and music

Whether it’s a solo singer, duo or a 12-piece brass band, live bands and music are the ultimate way to get your wedding party going. Guests can dance to live jazz, rock and roll or even a tribute act of your favourite idol or band.

Live music sets the mood for celebrations in the day and the night. Live acts like Blue Lion Band, The Pedal Tones and Lee Gordon are extremely popular acts in the North West that can really get the party started at weddings. Sets can be tailored to your personal choices, and guests will love the unique atmosphere that only quality, live music can create!

Photo booth or magic mirrors

It’s obvious why photo booths and magic mirrors are hugely popular at weddings! These beautiful and hilarious pictures are incredibly fun and make perfect treasured keepsakes for you and your guests.

Companies like the Booth Tube even bring props to help make your photos unforgettable. Guests love the talking point, and it’s a great way to get your guests mingling with each other.

The Hottest Trend in Wedding Entertainment

For the Kids

An important thing to keep in mind when planning the entertainment for your wedding is to keep any young kids entertained. Failing to keep the little ones sufficiently entertained can lead to unhappy parents. Fun-filled goodie bags or a play area makes it easy to put a smile on kids’ faces.

You can also hire wedding nannies who will keep your kids entertained with arts, crafts and games. Companies like Squib & Squidge help to take care of kids and make sure all your guests–no matter how old–will enjoy your wedding day!