5 Expert Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Colour Scheme

Deciding on the perfect colour scheme for one of the most important days of your life can be quite overwhelming! These are pictures and memories you will treasure forever. To help, Vikki from Vikki Rose Wedding & Events Styling has put together some colour schemes and mood boards to give you inspiration for your big day.

Dont be afraid to contrast.jpg

1. Don’t be afraid to contrast

My enchanted collection is brought to life by balancing a range of colours carefully. If you use the right proportions, this can work beautifully! The trick is to keep your boldest colours to selected areas. I use white and reflective surfaces like mirrors and vintage patterned glass to compliment the vibrant yellow and shades of blue and purple, while still keeping the collection looking stylish and elegant.

Use metallic to enrich your colour scheme.jpg

2. Use metallic to enrich your colour scheme.

The fresh, vibrant greens in my Geometric Glamour collection are warmed by rose gold metallic accessories and details. Keep to one type of metallic to bring your theme together, consider adding it to your centre pieces and table details as well as your jewellery or you cake.

layer and mix subtle colour.jpg

3. Layer and mix subtle colour.

I use delicate, sheer and transparent materials in my Fairy tale collection to allow me to mix lots of different shades of pastel colours together while keeping the overall look subtle and romantic. Think tinted glass, light fabrics and soft feathery flowers highlighted by delicate candle light.

choose a statement colour.jpg

4. Choose a statement colour.

This rich purple scheme was inspired by my Luxury wedding arch. The dark shades in the berries and hints of deep purple on the flowers enrich the design and draw you eye to the smaller details. Once you have some colour inspiration you can then carry this through your wedding, perhaps bridesmaid dresses or shoes and accessories. When using a statement colour I like to mix different shades rather than obsessively matching.

colour the details 2.jpg

5. Colour the details.

Using a neutral base like white or ivory for most of your décor can provide a great backdrop that will allow you to experiment with adding colour to the smaller details. My Vibrant shades collection mixes white with small elements of bright colour with flowers, thin ribbons and the occasional coloured vase. Cover your tables in white to showcase  a bold centre piece, then add a coloured sash to a neutral bridesmaid dress to continue the theme.

As the owner of Vikki Rose Wedding & Events Styling, this is something I consider every day. Hopefully my tips and mood boards based around my own collections will help you to gain some inspiration and make some decisions! Head over to my website to view the full collections and more ideas to include in your wedding décor. I also offer a full styling service which could include everything from designing a colour scheme for you to perfecting those final touches on your special day.