Meet The Red Event Team..

It all started when…

Red Event was created in the Summer of 2011, after  I had graduated from an Event Management degree at John Moores University, Liverpool.  I graduated with a first class degree and based my dissertation on Wedding Fayres and the consumers experience.  I enjoyed the research so much that I new I wanted a career in not only events but wedding events.

Throughout university I studied and worked freelance/ volunteered working on various events for many charities, Miss Liverpool Beauty Pageant,  Promotional Companies and in hotels & pubs. Grabbing onto as many opportunity I could go gain experience in events and hospitality and about something I quickly realised I was so passionate about! I spent 6 months working for an events company putting on arts and crafts fairs when a venue approached me to put on a wedding faye at their hotel, I jumped at the opportunity to transfer my skills into the area I wanted to work in most and that was when Red Events was created and I have not looked back since. 

I started with just 2 wedding fayres a year whilst working two other jobs and nearly 7 years later I now organise 8-10 events a year and built the business up to be my full time job. Along the way I have had friends from my high school getting involved, 

Hannah has this to say about her wonderful team  (see pic below) from left to right we have:
Stacey (been with me from the start while she was at school. She is brilliant at looking after our brides and registering them always with a smile)

My mum Erika,  boss at keeping everything together and manages registration she is always so welcoming to all the brides.

Lucy who I am hugging (looks after back stage ensuring catwalk runs smooth great support to the team)

Emily I met working in a pub 5 years ago she is pretty good at everything. I can throw her in the deep end and she is a natural in events,

Katie last to the right my best friend supported me from the start. Don’t think she has missed a single event I have done, my right hand woman (apart from my mum!)

I am very lucky to have had such a great opportunities and amazing venues that trust in Red Event's to organise wedding shows on their behalf! Here is to another 7 years in the industry and many more....

Hannah Red Event - The Organisr

Hannah - The Organiser

Lucy - The Red Event Team

Lucy - Event Manager

Erika - Event Manager

Erika - Registration

365_Red Events Formby.jpg

Emily - Event Manager

Katie - Red Event Team

Katie - Event Manager

Stacey - The Red Event Team

Stacey - Erika - Registration


We would like to thank Pixsmith Photography for photographing our lovely Team! x